IMG_1938 croppedOn Taize & Retreats

Thank you again for the service this week. We all so need focused quiet time to reconnect with who we are and why we are here–and to give thanks always.

The Taize experience is always refreshing and this retreat was very special for me. The readings, the music,  the devotion of you all as leaders of worship…the personal stories we all shared – the Tea and the lovely candelit vernal environment nourishes spirit coming to spring.

It was so lovely yesterday. Thank you for doing this. I’m always so full of peace after the service.

Thank you to all who had a part in Saturday’s service. The music, readings, silence continue to resonate while I try to “let go” of all that stands between me and God. What a lovely ambiance as well–that little side chapel at St. David’s.

On Spiritual Direction

“I feel much better about myself and have more confidence now to do what I want in life.”

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes and helping me find the way – Much success and love to you always.”

“There aren’t the words to thank you for the love and comfort you gave our family. We all appreciate the way that you listened to us and the careful and uplifting way you used those comforting thoughts.”

“Being with all of you made me feel very much like me again. Maybe that’s just part of the healing, but I think now that the group had a lot to do with that.”

“I’m fascinated by the whole subject of faith. As an Irish Catholic woman, educated by religious in the forties and fifties, I discovered at age 50, that I really didn’t have much faith. How else could I explain the constant presence of fear- if I had this faith I’d heard so much about all my life. ”

“You have helped me strengthen my own recovery. Grace seems to bring in the belief I feel you and Healthsigns practice…you have influenced my life so much the past three years with your grace and caring. I feel so many changes evolving in my life now that have happened with your guidance. Thank you for believing in me, giving me support, and just for being you.”

“Remember me? How you put up with all my uncontrollable tears and fears and anguish and anger and despair and inconsolable grief is indeed a miracle. However, your fortitude came thru for both of us. I often think of you and our sessions and of course, of “Job.” I think of your compassion and the quiet manner you always had about you. Yes, I do remember you. I’ve come a long way and you are a contributor to that progress. I still cry at times and I’m still angry at other times…but I am healing. I’m doing volunteer work with children and I occasionally attend a grief support group.”

Praise for Walking with Grief – A Healing Journey

Walking with Grief is a beautiful and important work and your illustrations are remarkable.  I am particularly struck by your use of color.  You have somehow managed to convey the colors of grief – how did you do that? – while simultaneously infusing each work with shades of hope and deep deep love.  I am lending the book to a member of our congregation who most recently lost his partner of many, many years.  I know that he will find empathy in your work.”
Rev. Dr. Donna Scarper, Author, Pastor,
Judson Memorial Church, NYC

“I gave your book to a woman who loved it.  She told me that she was going to leave it out in a conspicuous place in hopes that her husband might pick it up and read it.  Her husband had “discovered” the book and had read it.  He found it very meaningful and helpful.  He is a man who loves nature and the outdoors.  He feels most connected with his late daughter when he is enjoying nature.  The book really spoke to him.”
Nan Bouché, Spiritual Director

“The reproductions of Anne Ierardi’s paintings are on a par with those found in museum catalogues.  They are original and thought provoking and add immensely to the text.  At the back of the book, there area three pages of interesting notes about the paintings and an additional four pages for “notes, reflections, or poems.”  This is a valuable book for individual reflection and would be extremely useful as a jumping off place for discussion and sharing in bereavement groups.”
Rev. Suzanne Hope Graham, Chaplain,
Westchester Medical Center & White Plains Hospital