Healthsigns Arts & Spiritual Life Center – Our Mission

Welcome to Healthsigns Spiritual Life Center! Healthsigns is a place where we foster community through creativity, well-being, and spirituality. Our Mission is to be a resourcing community that nurtures spiritual and creative growth by providing a variety of forums through which persons can support each other individually and communally. Healthsigns was founded in 1981 by Anne Ierardi and Judith Recknagel, MD as a center treating the whole person and incorporated in 1993 on Cape Cod as a spiritual counseling and wholistic community center.

The Healthsigns starfish has five arms, for the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social aspects of human nature. At Healthsigns we believe that the Spirit is vital in transforming ourselves and our communities. We make space through contemplative gatherings and through the arts to gain balance and wholeness for our lives. We engage in community building, hospitality, celebrating and sharing our gifts.

Our symbol is the Starfish, sign of regeneration and symbolic of the healing waters on Cape Cod.

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter. – St. Jerome

Join us, the Friends of Healthsigns, to keep alive our mission of spirituality, hospitality, creativity and wellness.  

Anne M. Ierardi

Visit anneierardi.com to view my paintings.

Anne Ierardi, director of Healthsigns Spiritual Life Center.