G A P S Ministries

Gatherings cultivate deep community, inclusion, celebration.
Arts encourage creativity, play, response to beauty
Praxis allows for receiving the divine through faith, study, action.
Sabbath restores through rest, prayer, dis

Jeanné A Paris

“April in Paris” benefit with Soprano Jeanné Brown.


Revitalize and Rediscover your Spiritual Life Flow
Renew your Witness to a Just and Peaceful World.
Fill your gaps!

What are gaps?  Openings and shortfalls, yet gaps are where we can experience the grace of God, sacred spaces where new life waits.  GAPS Ministries is a mission of Healthsigns Spiritual Life Center on Cape Cod, partnering with individuals and congregations.  GAPS Ministries especially welcomes persons healing from loss, seekers, ministers, artists, LGBTQ persons.

GAPS ministry was launched a year ago as a new face of Healthsigns Center, Inc. that emphasizes its identity as a “spiritual life center.” At Healthsigns we feel that there are gaps in faith formation and expression as well as gaps for many in our society who are marginalized, alienated from traditional religious institutions, or desire a more contemplative and communal faith experience. Our GAPS ministry is our prayerful team effort to help fill and transform these gaps through Gatherings that cultivate deep community, inclusion, and celebration, through the Arts that encourage creativity, play, response to beauty, through Praxis which allows for receiving the divine through faith, study, action, and through Sabbath which restores us through rest, prayer, and discernment.

Open a New Window

Are you looking to nurture your spiritual life from a holistic perspective,body, mind and soul)?  Have you been longing for spiritual growth and connection with open-minded  people?

Have you wanted to nurture your creative side that you keep denying in favor of other pressing life issues?  You might be surprised to find out how magnificently your creative spark can become a torch that leads you forward.

Open a new door

I am Anne Ierardi, director of Healthsigns Spiritual Life Center.  I love opening doors and helping people come alive!

Join me and the Friends of Healthsigns to keep alive our mission of spirituality, hospitality, creativity and wellbeing through Taize, Retreats, and other Community Gatherings.

Wishing you peace and joy, I look forward to meeting with you.
Anne M. Ierardi
Please visit amifinearts.com to view my art.

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